Fifina sitting next to him. She

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2020-1-6 14:08:46
Speaking of "Kung Fu Panda" really can be said that "no one knows, no one knows." The chubby, timid panda in the movie is very flattering. It's humorous, every action is super exaggerated and super cute. But I think there is another reason why pandas are so attractive. It is a moral panda with a golden heart. Panda is a full-fledged martial arts fan, dreaming that he is a master of martial arts. It is a pity that in fact, it is a panda who is fat and incapable of martial arts. The film tells that this fat panda who can not martial arts was accidentally selected as a "Dragon of the Dragon". After the guidance of the master and his own efforts, he worked hard and eventually became a true "Dragon of the Dragon" and defeated the bully. Big dragon story. Panda did not forget that his duty was to sell noodles. While watching the election, "Dragon Dragon", he also did not forget to push a cart of noodles step by step into the conference election square, selling while walking, amazing !! His martial arts are not good, and they are often laughed at by tigers and scared monkeys. However, the panda knew that ��people under the eaves had to bow their heads�� and still worked hard with the master Marlboro Red. Pandas have also been sad and angry because they can't practice kung fu. But it didn't give up on its own, because it was really bad! Panda Abao is a panda that only makes sense. No matter what happens, if it is not good, it will not quibble, but will accept criticism from others Cigarettes For Sale, and will not go wrong with others. It has a lot of perseverance. After many tests, it finally became a real "shenlong hero" who knew the moral panda and went back to God to think about ourselves. In life, it ��s easy to be panda-like and reasonable, but there are many people who do n��t treat others well. I have a friend called Shui Cao. She is a veritable haha. Don't think that there is nothing to do with talking about the truth, let me tell you, the relationship is big! She often loses things, her own thing is the east one, the west one, often this thing is found, that thing is missing. Once again, her eraser was gone. She was very angry and thought it was Fifina sitting next to him. She always does this, she doesn't investigate anything clearly, and judges the truth of the matter based on her feelings. Fifi was wronged, and of course she was angry, so she argued with her, and the two were blushing and thick. Later, Fifi's eyes glanced inadvertently, and found that there was a small, white thing under the stool of the waterweed. Fifi ran to take a look, hey, it's really a rubber plant! Shui Cao took Fifi's eraser and turned to paint. She did not apologize to Fifi, as if she should be wronged, and everyone else must follow her. For this reason, she offended many people and had few friends, let alone a dead party that has been inseparable all day. But my other friend Doudou is different from her. She did the wrong thing and will confess her mistakes. She generally does not blame people, except when there is a big deviation in the sixth sense, she will blame people. If someone blame someone wrong, she will definitely apologize. She is old-fashioned. Listening to her, it seems that the contradictions will be resolved little by little, and slowly she will not get angry. She puts the facts and reasoning, and everyone likes her very much. Our world is also not so contradictory because of such talents, and the smoke is pervasive. They have broadened our minds, let things in society be reconciled and resolved with reason, and the world has become more open and clear. No longer can we be unreasonable. A panda can be ethical. Why can't we? Let's shout and do it: "Be an ethical
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