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2020-1-6 14:07:56
During the winter vacation, I heard my father talk about Mao Zedong's deeds Cigarettes For Sale. Speaking of this great man, everyone is no stranger, but few people can say his deeds can tell the specific time Wholesale Cigarettes, place, people, and war, so I went to buy After reading this book, I have learned a lot from Mao Zedong's life experience and the poems he wrote. In this book, I saw Mao's concern for the country and the people, and he talked about national affairs with his classmates in the first normal school. Mao Zedong understands China's 5,000 years of history, and has a wrong and right understanding of what all the people in history have done, and adopts a different attitude. It was 57 of the "wonderful gains" that I bought this book. It is divided into Mao Zedong's poems, a supplement to Mao Zedong's poems Marlboro Lights, six poems by Mao Zedong and apocalypse. Mao Zedong's poem is to understand the poems written by the predecessors into his own things, his own views, which is worthy of our study. However, when I finished reading this book, I had a question, how did Mao Zedong, as a poet, inherit his heritage? How did you learn from your predecessors? How did Mao Zedong's poems learn from the ancients and inherit the heritage? When I was meditating hard, I read this book again, only to understand that Mao Zedong had profound classical literary literacy, and especially had a strong passion for classical poetry. However, in his lifetime, he also loved to chant or meditate when he was near the window. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, his living conditions changed, and his appreciation became even more vivid. And, all the important psalms, despite the search. As long as we roughly count the classical poems read by Mao Zedong's commentary circle, a considerable part of them are also circled, circled, and circled. They have been read repeatedly, and have been evaluated many times. It was realized that it is not easy to thoroughly understand everything about the great man in history. Only with the spirit of Mao Zedong can he truly realize that all his understanding comes from himself. One of my favorite poems about the scenery of Lushan Mountain is: "A mountain flies to the big river and jumps on the green onion cage four hundred spins. Looking coldly at the ocean, hot wind and rain sprinkle the river sky. Yunheng Jiupiao Floating Yellow Crane Under the waves, San Wu has white smoke. Tao Ling doesn't know where to go. Peach fields can be cultivated? ". Describe the scenic features of Lushan and the places of interest. In short, there are many good poems and words that make people read pleasing to the eye, understand more courtesies, and broaden our knowledge. This book brings us Biggest benefit
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