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2019-10-8 11:43:44
At three in the morning, the alarm clock sounded on time. I got up in a hurry and put on a black shirt that I had already prepared. The sky outside was the same as my clothes. It was the day to say goodbye to my grandfather. I stared blankly at the dark night sky like ink, and my thoughts drifted into the past. When I was young, I was a "skin monkey", and my family called me "Mountain King." From the home to the electrical appliances to the dolls, I have been devastated by me. Every time my parents are going to hit me, and my grandfather always protects me: "Okay, the children have a long meeting, don't scare the children..." With the support of my grandfather, I am even more fearless, jumping up and down every day, in the umbrella Under the "safe" to spend the childhood. Growing up again, I started to like pink things, and the shop at the school gate became the place I was most concerned about. Once, I was in a bloody home center and suddenly wanted a pink doll in a school store. When Grandpa heard it, he went out and bought it for me. Later, I heard my grandmother said that Grandpa was uncomfortable that day, but he took it to the street to satisfy my unreasonable troubles. A few years ago, Grandpa's body was not as good as before, and finally lived in the hospital. Listening to my grandmother Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the person most worried about my grandfather during the hospitalization was me; but I was busy studying for a while Carton Of Cigarettes, and only went to see him once a week. I remember the last time I went to the hospital to see him Cigarettes Online. When I left, Grandpa took my hand tightly. It seemed that I had something to say to me Cheap Cigarettes, but I never said it. At that time, I felt something faintly, but when I said nothing, I went home with my mother. I really regret it when I want to come. The sorrow of the farewell violently pulled my thoughts back. I don't know when, I have burst into tears. The sky still shrouded everything, only the weak street lights, casting a dim yellow on the ground Newport Cigarettes. Dry the tears, board the car, and hold the photo of Grandpa tightly in his hand. Time pushed me slowly and let me finish this last trip. At the end of the road, is the kind and generous land of my place where my grandfather said goodbye Marlboro Gold. May Grandpa rest in your arms.
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