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2019-10-8 11:42:52
In the process of growing up, there is a lot of fun that has always accompanied my reading life. When I was studying, I didn��t seem to have a clear purpose. I just wanted to be a happy reader, and I could drink my life in the book: I have friends from afar Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I don't know what to say! I said: There are books from the bookstore, not to mention! The book is the ladder of human progress Wholesale Cigarettes, the book makes people have a happy mood Newport Cigarettes, let people forget the sorrow and enjoy the happiness. Once, when I was free, I picked up the "Adventure Little Tigers" and I was intoxicated by the situation inside. I changed with the look of the protagonist. When they found out that they could point, I also had questions and thought about things. When you don't understand Newport 100S, you can only ask the adventure tiger team. When I want to understand, how happy it is, but the partner suddenly came to me to bake sweet potatoes. I don��t think there is a case of roasted sweet potatoes in "Adventure Little Tigers"? Roaming in the book, you can satisfy the situation of roasting sweet potatoes. Why are you so tired and ran to the slopes in the distance? There are many partners in the book to bake sweet potatoes. There are still problems to think about, or to cook sweet potatoes with the Little Tigers. The partners said Marlboro Lights, "Come on, let's one by one." The sweet potato is just right Parliament Cigarettes, we have prepared a large sweet potato for you." I said: "Don't go." The partner said: "It's not enough friends, what are you doing at home? It's better to have a picnic outside, always better." Scared: "Whoever said, reading at home, you can fly freely in the book, swim to the corner of the sea." The partners said angrily: "Then you swim slowly in the book, we are gone." One of them Xiao grievously said: "Look at your book, it��s really not enough for buddies, no loyalty." I thought about it again, but decided to go with them. At this time, desire has already gained the upper hand and rushed to the heart. The book, the wind blows, the book opens a few pages, sees one Case, very interesting, but doubt heavy, awkward to Oh, the desire to just imposing a while, he was awed at the bottom of my heart, I continue to stop, his thoughts drifted scene of the crime. The book has its own Yan Ruyu, and the book has its own gold house. This sentence is also true. If the book is a boundless blue sky, then I am a happy bird: If the book is fertile soil, then I It is a happy little grass. The book is a pistachio of human beings. It is not easy to grow up as an indispensable partner around us. It is not easy to be happy, embarrassed, troubled, and always inseparable from us. How to grow up, think in reading, grow up in thinking.
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